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  Click image for larger view
  High Profile (left), Low Profile (right)

  Note the smooth finish and
  correct profile on our high
  profile body pictured here.

We are pleased to offer our own high quality steel 15" gas pump globe bodies. These globe bodies are made identical to the originals! Available in high and low profile styles.

Important features:

  • Die stamped steel construction for extra smooth surface and uniform quality and fit.
  • Proper channel for snap ring and use of snap rings with 3 'dimples' ensures safe lens fit, just like on original bodies! Also, note how the bases are fitted to be bodies, with proper flange and spot welds. No gaps here.

  • Low Profile High Profile
  • Incomparable accuracy and attention to detail. In the photo below, compare our low profile body on the right with the new old stock original body on the left. Note how both bodies are virtually identical! You can see the accuracy of our reproduction. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You spend good money on your vintage gas pump restoration, so doesn't it make sense to use a globe body built to our high standards of accuracy and construction? After all, the globe is usually the first thing people focus on when looking at your restoration.

New Old Stock (left) Our Low Profile (right)

  • $95.00 each plus shipping
  • $85.00 each plus shipping
    if purchased with a set of 15" lenses
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